Buy one car and drive many more, with My Dream Garage.

The first virtual garage accessible via smartphone is a service dedicated by Leasys to buyers of the new electric 500.
It’s a premium, flexible and 100% digital experience, which begins at the time of booking.




UI Design, UX Design, Art Direction, 

In fact, through the app, customers can create and configure their own "dream garage" with the cars chosen from a wide range of models of the FCA brands.

When the owner picks up their new 500, all they have to do is to confirm and sign up for a subscriptions, before to book their car, and enjoy “dream” mobility.

All this exclusively through the app, characterized by innovative and intuitive navigation, in a distinctive style and language.



Executive Creative Director
Francesco Milanesio

Creative Lead
Riccardo Albertazzi
Chiara Fissore

UX Lead
Jacopo Moretto

UI Designer
Giulia Giordano

UX Designer
Laura Bisio
Elisa Fuliano

Project Manager
Martina Boccardi


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