It is not often that the same idea persuades different audiences, earning applause and prizes. This was the case for the project “Ypsilon – Your Best Friend”, which in just a few months won the Digital Design Award (category: “Digital Marketing &. Social Media”), the first place at the NC Awards (category: "Promotion & Social Media") and the "star" at the advertising technical prize, Mediastars (category: "Social Media").

Triple satisfaction, for a project that represents a happy synthesis of our creative and strategic skills. "Ypsilon - Your Best Friend", in fact, was born to celebrate, at different narrative levels, the incomparable relationship between Lancia Ypsilon and women, exploring all the languages of digital communication: video content strategy, social media campaigns, a state-of-the-art chatbot experience, and online ADV and banners.

A "feminine" project that tells the secrets of true friendship, with good humor, but above all a tribute to the long love story between Ypsilon and his audience. A story that began thirty-three years ago, when the small car changed the automotive world forever with an irreverent and revolutionary message: cars will no longer just be a male business.

Credits. Direttore creativo esecutivo: Francesco Milanesio; Copywriter: Chiara Fissore e Nicoletta Sorge; Art director: Emanuele De Donno; Social media manager: Eleonora Valerisce; Project Manager: Carlotta Peretti e Cassandra Ferro; Casa di Produzione: Littlebull; Regia: Augusto Storero; Executive producer: Adriano Finco; Producer: Fabrizio Bertoglio; Montaggio: Luca Storero; Direttore fotografia: Federico Torres.