The platform for fully-digital insurance.



The brand is launching a new, 100% digital Genertel. A path of innovation that redesigns processes, skills, business models. The strategy aims to increase (by 40%) the market share in direct channels and the customer satisfaction index.

The challenge

User autonomy
Genertel aims to become the first major Italian insurtech. To do this it requires a radically new digital ecosystem (website, customer area and mobile app), designed for an easy, convenient and personalized user experience, capable of giving back total autonomy and flexibility to users in managing their insurance relationship.




UI / UX Design, Art direction, Motion Graphic

The mission

Rethinking journey and design.
To make the platform intuitive, functional and customizable, we at Triplesense have revolutionized it. "Simplicity" is the key word that guided us throughout the restyling and redesign of and its mobile application.

We have renewed:
the user experience to support the customer journey;
the graphic interface;
the Design System.


The methodology

More consistency and innovation.
Our design approach involved different work phases:

1 | Expert Review

During the analysis we presented our main proposals to the customer for intervention and modification of the platform.

2 | Codesign

Together, we have identified the best ways to develop, getting a shared result in terms of wireframing and layout.

3 | User-Experience

We have developed a user experience that was engaging and "frictionless" thanks to clear information, as well as fluid and personalized navigation.

4 | Customer Journey

We have ensured consistency on all digital touchpoints (website, app, reserved area) and in all navigation paths.

5 | Process digitization

We turned the user into the protagonist: maximum autonomy in the management of insurance assets and freedom in contacting the sales network.

6 | Digital Style Guide

We have created a system based on “atomic design”, which allows the coherent realization of new interface elements.

7 | Continuous testing and improvement

We conducted some user tests, to verify the implementation phases and to get new insights.

The solution

Simplycity and technology. 
The Genertel digital ecosystem is now reborn in the name of simplicity and technology. Thanks to leaner procedures, an effective design system and advanced technologies, users can easily and independently access the entire Genertel insurance offerings: from the choice of the policy to the opening of the contract, up to the management of claims. Everything is in their hands.


The platform, designed in Agile, integrates 5 different technologies:

Data & Cloud: to improve pricing and engagement;

Augmented Reality: to recreate the types of damage;

Biometric: to report a claim from video;

AI: to estimate the amount of a claim with videos / photos;

Conversational interfaces:
to communicate via chatbot.


Our rationalization and design interventions give the user flexibility, ease of use and immediacy.

1 Second

To subscribe to the policy.

1 Minute

To suspend, reactivate or supplement the warranty.

3 Minuti

To report damages with a photo and get a refund


Executive Creative Director
Francesco Milanesio

Creative Lead
Riccardo Sofia

UX Lead
Jacopo Moretto

UI Designers
Martina Gay, Nicole Bruzzì

UX Designers
Giulia Rosso, Laura Bisio, Noemi Bassi

Motion Designers
Riccardo Albertazzi, Giulia Giordano

Project Manager
Chiara Monardo


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