XChange superheroes: a filter to experience the power of innovation.

We created the official Instagram filter of Reply XChange, the annual international event about the latest insights on tech trends.

The circumstances of this year made it possible to participate online only, through live streaming sessions and activities. That was the point of our mission: engage the audience and guarantee an immersive experience, even if remotely.




Art direction, Motion Design

How it works
The inspiration for this filter was the event theme, superheroes, representing the amazing possibilities offered by innovation. By opening their mouths, users turn into different superheroes whose names and superpowers recall a specific technological topic or discipline. Each comes with a personalised mask and hair colour. The filter includes background music too.


How we made it

We created XChange Superheroes with Spark AR, making sure the UX was very simple. The instructions at the beginning are clear and personalised to match the visual design.

We selected and recreated the most relevant elements of each superhero to make the different accessories and graphic frames on the background. Thanks to the face tracker, you can see the masks with a 3d effect and the names of the characters above follow the head movements. Also, we used the segmentation of the hair to change its colour.

How we launched it
We launched XChange Superheroes with a video posted on the Instagram page and projected during the conferences, inviting people to make their stories “super cool”.



Executive Creative Director
Francesco Milanesio

Lead copywriter
Chiara Fissore

Viola Ugazio

Lead art Director
Riccardo Albertazzi

Art Director
Andrea Gilardi, Arianna Passaggio

Motion Designer
Matilde Capello, Giulia Giordano

Project Manager
Stefano Alinovi


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