New Holland Agriculture

The brand, part of CNH Industrial group, is a leader in the production of machines, technologies and services for precision, connected and sustainable agriculture

The challenge


Engage, deepen, entertain.
After a call for tenders, the brand asked Triplesense to create an interactive experience for the major international trade fairs. The goal was to present in an innovative and engaging way the whole New Holland digital ecosystem, which supports the main agricultural activities.




UI / UX Design, Art direction, Copywriting, 3D Modelling, Motion Graphic, AR.

The mission

Bringing agriculture 4.0 on an interactive table.
To show all the advantages of advanced and connected agriculture, we created an interactive table. On its multi touch surface people can “have a taste” of New Holland Intelligent Farm. In other words, we designed a direct and intuitive experience that shows how the brand’s technologies and digital solutions facilitate work on a farm.


The method

Simplifying complexity.
Our approach to the project involved different skills and expertises: UX-UI process, 3D modeling, storytelling, design, content architecture, programming and development. This guaranteed the creation of an easy and engaging experience for the users, in a logic of gamification. We took care of several phases of work:


1 Definition of the creative concept and the main contents;

2 | Identification of key roles and processes in an NH Intelligent farm;

3 | Set up of the graphical interface and 3D scenario;

4 | Creation of the main storytelling and the different storylines;

5 | Design of macro and micro interactions for the exploration and deepening of content; 

6 Identification of the most suitable type of table and screen;

7 | Programming and technological development;

8 | Testing.

Throughout the project, we collaborated with Infinity Reply a company specialized in XR consulting and design of 3D content and applications for the creation of interactive experiences.

The solution

An innovative experience for a global market.
Designed for the main trade fairs worldwide, the table consists of a multi touch screen with active object recognition ("tag") that allows people to interact with the dynamic 3D visualization of the farm. To start the exploration, users have to select a role among those proposed (Operator, Fleet Manager, Farm Owner or Dealer) and put the correspondent “tag” on the right area of the table: they can thus discover the virtual environment step by step by following the chosen storyline.


Style and technology

The graphical interface is sci-fi inspired and includes video contributions. All the scenes on the table are also projected in large dimensions on the wall, so that passers-by can enjoy them while approaching the stand. The main technologies used are 3D modeling, PCAP and Unity programming.


The New Holland Interactive Table was launched at the Agrishow in Brazil and will be present at many other events and fairs of global importance. It offers visitors the opportunity to immediately grasp the full value of the brand's technology offerings in a few simple gestures and in multilingual mode.



Executive Creative Director
Francesco Milanesio

Creative Lead
Riccardo Albertazzi, Chiara Fissore

Patrizia Chiaramonte

Art Director
Andrea Gilardi, Nicole Bruzzì

UX Designers
Noemi Bassi

Project Manager
Linda Mazzucco


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