Beer2Beer, the first networking drink n which conviviality and professionalism can "ferment" together.

"Digital Designa Days"Digital Design Days is a three-day event that includes conferences, workshops and master classes dedicated to the digital world. During the evening of Saturday 17 March, there will be a unique opportunity to meet digital professionals: the Networking Night that we organized thanks to DDD and in collaboration with Chiara Luzzana, international sound designer.

To make the meetings more informal, we have created an event inside the event: Beer2Beer, the first networking drink n which conviviality and professionalism can "ferment" together.
The beer created for the occasion evokes all the actors of the digital: creative talents, designers, coders, thanks to its name "Think, Design, Code". The bottle labels painted red-green-blue, match the RGB color model and become the starting point of the experience: putting together the beers and colors of the labels, guests will have access to an interactive instant win game with the aim of forming real digital teams!

In the age of digital communication, the importance of content is certified. But what does the aesthetic aspect of web pages depend on?
The answer is CSS, acronym of Cascading Style Sheets. Essentially, it is a language that manages the design, presentation and position of the page elements: the way the contents are used.

"CSS Day" appointment represents an important ratification of the crucial role of CSS technology in this expansion phase of the web.On the table, a lot of topics: from methodologies Variable Fonts AND BEM to technologies LESS o SASS, in addition to framework as BootstrapFoundation, and related best practices.

We will be present at the event with a dedicated desk: a space to share visions and skills of Frontend Development and to get profitable and pleasant acquainted.