Empathize, Define, Create, Prototype, Test. Creativity meets analytical method

It's official: since a few weeks, we have become partners of “Design Thinking for Business”, an initiative born and raised within Osservatori.net of Milan Polytechnic.
Lab and community, the Observatory is a hub collecting of data, experiences and points of view, fueled by the main exponents of Design Thinking as a new methodology of approach to digital transformation.

For us, Triplesense Repliers, it will be a great opportunity to share and deepen a know-how that is an integral part of our corporate DNA, in a research context that includes a number of national and international top players: industry, pharma, energy, fashion, bank & insurance, IT, consulting.

Design Thinking for Business: that is, building long-term value for your company, through an innovative approach that can be applied to different frames: management consulting, digital transformation, user experiences and interactions, launch of brand new products and services.
An approach that enables further innovation by leveraging the potential creativity of the individual actors involved.

And the actors are everyone. Companies, struggling with new challenges on playing fields that are constantly changing; customers / consumers, overwhelmed by an overload of information and pervasive technology.

Hence the need for a "holistic" approach: on the one hand, to make quick and efficient decisions, on the other to generate sharing and well-being throughout the chain of stakeholders. The term "design", originally evocative of a concrete and finished object, is today understood in its broadest sense, which encompasses many stages of a well-balanced process.
In other words, Design Thinking defines a series of actions aimed at solving complex problems with the creativity and analytical method of scientific research, summarized in the five verbs: Empathize, Define, Create, Prototype, Test.