Our dual assignment from COMAU: maintenance of corporate website and creating editorial content for special projects, such as e.DO and MATE.

What is a global company, a leader in innovative technology, looking for when deciding a partnership in its digital communication? It’s looking for a cutting-edge partner: briefly, Triplesense Reply.

Once the creative pitch was over, COMAU entrusted us with the dual assignment of maintaining the corporate website and creating editorial content outlining special projects.
A small lexical note: "special project", in the language of a brand with more than 650 patents, means walking into the future of industrial automation and its infinite potential applications. A rewarding experience from any point of view, not just professional.

The first challenge for our team coincided with Automatica 2018, the international expo of intelligent and robotic automation which takes place in Munich.
On the occasion of the event, we created a three-step campaign: a teaser, live and follow-up, to accompany the reveal of the new revolutionary MATE on COMAU ‘s social channels. MATE is the first exoskeleton that can be worn as a "second skin", designed with an ergonomic design that doesn’t require motors, electronic devices or perishable batteries.

At the same time, we unveiled the strategic and creative management of the Facebook channel for e.DO, the new anthropomorphic robot, a concrete example of the HUMANufacturing approach that represents one of the pillars of COMAU ‘s industrial philosophy.

In short, we have discovered that e.DO has an innate "social" feeling. For this reason, one of our first posts, dedicated to the developer community, underlines the "Connect" principle: connection and collaboration. Person to person, of course, but also, increasingly, between man and machine; each in search of a deeper understanding of both themselves and each other.

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Direttore creativo esecutivo: Francesco Milanesio; Copywriter: Gabriele Di Donato; Art director: Riccardo Albertazzi; Art director jr: Arianna Passaggio e Giulia Giordano; Social media manager: Eleonora Valerisce; Account/Project Manager: Alessia Raffaele.